Flagship Features: Mike Hutchins
Flagship Features: Mike Hutchins

Flagship Features: Mike Hutchins on Helping You Manage Operational Efficiencies

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Video Transcript

Building an FM Playbook

As we start every account, we develop an FM Playbook that outlines the way that we offer services. From FM to client management to inspections, to the way that we manage CMMS platforms, etc. And then in each instance we are also layering in account-specific details for those playbooks to make sure that we understand what are the deliverables of the client. What did they gain value out of when we’re doing this and it’s not just an out of the box manual.

Data-Powered Planning

By having a defined recurring inspection and assessment process for most of our clients we can then take that data and translate it back to the client. So in a lot of instances we find you know as we’re doing PMs and Gathering data and defining what the life cycle analysis and spend against a specific asset may be. We can take that data back to the client and say hey these are recommendations as you are planning your capital plans for next year to really take into consideration and give them data driven information to make those decisions and ultimately add value in the partnership.

FM Solutions Tailored for Your Business

As a service provider for a lot of different industries from Aviation to Manufacturing to even churches and schools. We focus on making sure that our deliverables provide value to our clients and so understanding our clients’ business and making sure that we’re offering a service that’s not just out of the box but based in the same standards and Platforms in any FM program but customize to make sure that that delivery meets the needs of the client and their industry.

Driving Continuous Improvement

Our assessments can be as simple as just assessing the framework of the building, right systems, building systems, assets, etc. I think we really like to take it to another level assessing not just the the building and the portfolio but also really understanding what are your business goals out of this space. Are you leveraging this as a hybrid space in the future. Are you intending to sell the space at some point and then beyond that really understanding the client’s process for executing work from an FM standpoint. We recently did an assessment for a client and the real value that the client found out of it was us sitting down with their site teams and understanding how do they procure services for FM. How do they buy supplies. While we could tell them a lot about what the status of their assets were. The value was really being able to outline their process from start to finish in a way that we could help define what are the opportunities that they can obtain savings and efficiencies by revisiting those exercises in partnership with us.