Putting Our Core Values into Action

Flagship’s Core Values reflect the entrepreneurial spirit and the principles that guide our relationships with our customers. We enable and empower our teams to learn, grow and to be proud of being frontline heroes.


Taking action when you see someone struggling to feel a sense of belonging isn’t always easy – but it can make a huge difference for that person and help them feel accepted. Flagship strives to provide a welcoming and safe environment to anyone who walks through our doors. We acknowledge and respect differences in each other and invite everyone’s contribution to educate all of us and improve their sense of safety and belonging.

Every customer is important, and everything we do; we do with the customer in mind. With a smile and a can-do attitude, we listen carefully to understand the needs and concerns of others and pride ourselves in providing the best service possible. We are hyper-focused on the customer experience and continuously update technologies, systems and processes to deliver a consistent personal experience.

Flagship Core Values in Motion

As a privately owned business, built with an entrepreneurial culture, our employees are dedicated to and take pride in going above and beyond to provide customers with the best experience.

We are driven to providing a mutually supportive and positive working environment. We demonstrate respect, honesty and reliability to ourselves, our fellow employees, and our customers. We will do the right thing because it is the right thing to do, treat others as we would like to be treated and our word is our bond.


Client Testimonials

“ They have always done a fantastic job…In fact, I consider them my ‘go-to’ team for issues that are not even covered in our current contract, because I know they will get the job done no matter what it takes. ”

Director of Operations at an International Airport

Client Stories

It takes a special kind of person to be a frontline hero. We strive to make everyone feel comfortable, confident and safe in their facility environment and go above and beyond to make sure their needs are met or exceeded. We are caretakers, dedicated to consistently providing a clean, well-maintained, and properly functioning environment for the clients we serve.

It’s easy to get in a hurry when you know the job needs to be done. But it’s not worth risking safety. We have a culture of safety awareness, including safe work practices, PPE and training to ensure that everyone can get home safe, every day.

Flagship Core Values in Motion

We understand that a culture of safety awareness is critical to your success and we’ve helped our clients excel in this area. We always put our employees’ safety first because safety is more than a buzzword – it is a mindset at Flagship.

The buck stops at each and every one of us to provide high-quality services and find new and innovative ways to accomplish our responsibilities. We own our tasks, are responsible for the completion and the outcome. We show pride, enthusiasm, and dedication in everything we do, and we are excited to learn and become more efficient.