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Great Food (Re)Builds Employee Engagement

Flagship Culinary Services helps some of the world’s largest companies provide quality dining experiences for their employees and guests. Our culinarians plan, prep, and serve tasty and nutritious food, made from scratch with a focus on local and organically grown ingredients.


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We’re More

We’re more than the people in your kitchens.

We are the professionals that improve productivity.


We drive efficient and consistent food standards.

We live your corporate culture at your facility.

We treat your employees like family and create a table at which all are welcome.

Mise en Place

Flexible Culinary Services

Tailored to Your Needs

Flagship’s Mise en PlaceTM is a comprehensive culinary program that can scale to provide a full corporate dining program or fill the gaps for your existing service. Learn more about Mise en Place in your organization

Mise en Place

Technology’s Place in the Kitchen

Mise en PlaceTM‘s technology-driven components seamlessly integrate recipe creation, menu construction, procurement, food distribution, labeling, and training.

By partnering with industry leaders, we’re able to drive critical outcomes in cost control, consistency, quality, and labor efficiencies.

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We Start Smart and Stay Smart

A successful culinary program starts with hiring and placing the right staff at your facility. Our Start Smart hiring and retention protocols result in improved retention, better service delivery, and lower costs for the program overall.

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Employee engagement is core to everything we do.


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How Corporate Culinary Programs Can Boost Office Returns

In the post-Covid area, organizations are adjusting to a diverse work landscape and embracing various operational models. Some have shifted to remote work, others have resumed full-time office work, while others are adopting a hybrid approach.

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Peace of Mind

We’re passionate about food safety and use ServSafe for our food and beverage safety training and certification program, administered by the National Restaurant Association.

We're just as passionate about ensurign the safety of our culinary service employees. Our motto is, "Home Safe, Every Day".

National Restaurant Association

Not a Job – a Career!

Flagship’s culinarians have opportunities for training and advancement throughout their career. We take good care of our culinary staff – and they take good care of you and your employees.

Sous Chef Career Path

Sous Chef Career Path

Front House Manager Career Path

Bread Pastry Chef Career Path