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At Flagship, safety has become part of who we are. We believe when safety is woven into the culture, everyone – including our customers, win.


Did you know?


Safety ROI Investment



For every $1 invested in safety and injury prevention, your company can expect an ROI between $2 and $6


Safety ROI Investment



Overexertion and falls account for 50% of the costs associated with workplace injuries.


Safety ROI Investment



The ratio of indirect to direct incident costs on average are 5:1 and can be even greater depending on the nature of the incident


What Does Safety Mean to You?

Our commitment to a safety culture starts at the top – listen as our leaders talk about what safety in the workplace means to them.


The Flagship Environment, Health, and Safety Policy

Flagship is committed to our EHS Policy of enabling all work activities to be carried out safely, and with all possible measures taken to remove risks to the health, safety and welfare of everyone, every day. We continually improve and minimize the risks and hazards of our activities and operations.

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Safety Policy

Keeping 6K+ Employees Safe = Communication and Accountability

Regardless of the size or location of the account, our Safety Program’s structure makes sure that every level and every employee is focused on safety.


Dedicated to Safety


Employee Engagement

An engaged staff is a sign of a strong workplace culture. An engaged staff, passionate about service and building a great culture is what you’ll find with Flagship.

Start Smart/End Smart

Start Smart/End Smart is Flagship’s comprehensive recruiting and retention program designed to hire smart, work safe, grow together and provide best in class service to our customers.

Incident Investigation

We conduct incident investigations to determine the root cause of any incident, implement corrective actions and share lessons learned to prevent any recurrence.


Return to Work

Our Return to Work program thoroughly assesses injured employees and allows them to return to work efficiently, promptly and most importantly safely

Rules and Risk

There’s no room for shortcuts in the workplace – especially where safety is involved. Our programs make sure everyone understands the value of safety and how to activate it each day.

Safety Observations

We facilitate safety observations to proactively correct any unsafe behaviors or conditions, recognize and reward safe actions and engage all employees in safety discussions to continue fostering our safety culture.


The Value of a Safety Culture

Our Employees actually are our greatest asset. Every employee is considered a member of the Flagship family, and we take their safety and well being very seriously.