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Airport Passenger Terminal

Smooth Travels, Secure Terminals: Strategies to Ensure Passenger Safety

Discover how airport managers can prioritize passenger safety with advanced measures and technology for a secure travel experience.

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Library Complex

Addressing the Complex Needs of Educational Facilities

Explore the unique issues faced by schools, universities, and other institutions in maintaining cleanliness and efficiency across multiple facilities.

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Researchers Experimenting in Laboratory

Unsung Heroes of Life Sciences: The Vital Role of Facility and Lab Support

In this Expert Perspective, we highlight the vital role of the facility and lab support staff that ensure a functional and optimal lab.

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Roof of House Hit by Tornado

Essential Preparedness Strategies for Facility Managers

Safeguard your facility from the effects of major weather events with guidance, resources, and best practices from Flagship Facility Services.

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Emergency Signage

The 5 Key Elements of an Effective Emergency Preparedness Plan

In this blog post, we provide a guide for creating an emergency preparedness plan to ensure safety, continuity, and resilience.

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The Power of Project Management

Flagship Features: The Power of Project Management

We’re diving deep into our facilities project management services with Bruce Field, VP of Project Management at Flagship.

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Laboratory Team Doing Research

Repair or Replace: Deciding the Fate of Your Lab Equipment

Lab managers often struggle with deciding whether to repair or replace equipment. Learn how to make the best decision for your lab’s needs.

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American Flags

Beyond Duty: The Strengths of Veterans in Facilities Maintenance

Veterans are the perfect candidates for facility managers; their unique skills and perspectives can bring noteworthy benefits to the position.

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Holiday Plane Decoration

Making Spirits Bright: Holiday Travel Tips

Prepare for stress-free holiday travel with these practical tips from Flagship.

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Cold Flu Season Medication

Navigating Flu, Cold, and COVID Season: A Workplace Survival Guide 

Learn about how to handle Flu, Cold, and COVID season in the workplace with these practical tips. Improve safety and health for staff this FCC season.

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Researchers Watching Computer in Laboratory

Common Equipment Calibration Errors (and How to Avoid Them)

By understanding and minimizing calibration errors, you can ensure the integrity of your measurements and the credibility of your findings.

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Concentrating Science Students in Laboratory

Lab Safety 101: The Essential Role of PPE

PPE not only ensures the safety of your lab personnel, but it also helps to maintain the integrity of your experiments.

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