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Flagship Launches Safety Program with Goal of Zero Injuries

Published February 08, 2023

Categories: Core Values, Employees, Safety

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Flagship Facility Services kicked off 2023 by launching its new Zero Injuries Program, which aims to eliminate on-the-job injuries by identifying and addressing the root cause of workplace incidents.

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As one of Flagship’s core values, Safety is woven into every aspect of company culture. The program proves Flagship’s commitment to protecting the Safety of its employees.

In addition to creating a secure work environment, Flagship is responsible for providing the resources, support, oversight, tools, and training that team members need to do their jobs safely.

The program incorporates several strategies – including training and education, incident reporting and investigation, and risk assessment – to guarantee a safer and healthier work environment for everyone.

Flagship encourages all employees to prioritize Safety – both in the workplace and at home. We can serve as role models by following Safety rules and signs, wearing PPE, and looking for, reporting, and taking action to correct unsafe conditions.

“We take the wellbeing of our workforce very seriously,” said Del Forbes of the Flagship Safety Team. “If we accept that our employees will get injured, then we fail before we even start. The Zero Injuries Program further emphasizes the importance of Safety in the workplace.”

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