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Inside Facilities Maintenance

Lab Operations Equipment

Maximizing Lab Productivity with Automated Calibration Systems

Discover how automated calibration enhances lab operations by providing accurate data, streamlining workflows, and delivering significant cost savings.

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Autoscrubber Airport Cleaning Technology

Smart Cleaning Solutions: Tailored Strategies for Every Airport Zone

Learn how to customize your airport maintenance program to meet the specific demands of different zones, improving operations and passenger satisfaction.

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Bottles of COVID-19 Vaccine Flasks

FDA Approves First COVID-19 Vaccine

The FDA has approved the first COVID-19 vaccine and will continue to review and authorize COVID-19 vaccines as they prove safe and effective.

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Facility Workers Wearing Face Masks

OSHA Updates Coronavirus Guidance to Stress Masks

OSHA updates Coronavirus Guidance to offer measures for protecting workers in higher-risk areas and for facilities with mixed-vaccination status workers.

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Passenger Airplane Runway Video Chat

Regaining Passenger Confidence Amid COVID-19

Facilities Maintenance in a New Era. Passengers are looking for a feeling of safety, a healthy environment, & for visibility of what’s happening.

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Close-Up of Indoor Facility HVAC

Beyond HVAC: Indoor Air Quality and COVID-19

Conversations about the future of Integrated Facilities Management Beyond HVAC: Indoor Air Quality and COVID-19

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Flagship Features: Mike Hutchins

Flagship Features: Mike Hutchins on Helping You Manage Operational Efficiencies

Mike Hutchins, Senior VP of Facilities Management, talks about strategies for managing operational efficiencies with confidence.

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Serving Up Corporate Culinary Solutions

Flagship Features: Serving up Corporate Culinary Solutions

Providing a healthy meal that tastes and looks great will bring people in and also draw a community of people together.

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Client Stories

Airport Cleaning Supply Cart

Revolutionizing Airport Hygiene with Trax Smartrestrooms

This state-of-the-art Airport SmartRestroom monitoring system gathers real-time data that can integrate into the airport’s own CMS.

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Airplanes on Airport Runway

Elevating Airport Hospitality with Flagship’s Single-Source Solutions

By implementing well-defined processes and procedures before its opening day, the client was able to provide passengers with a seamless and stress-free travel journey.

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White Papers

Facilities Maintenance Managers

The New Era of FM: Strategic SOW Planning for Modern Environments

Facility maintenance needs in modern workplaces shift with tech, workforce changes, and health standards, impacting operations.

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Microscopes in a Medical Lab

An Effective Lab Operations Program Will Make You More Fundable

Make yourself more fundable, demonstrate not only the quality of your science but also your ability to run a well-managed operation.

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