Maria Madrigal Flagship Features

Flagship Features: Putting Employees First with Maria Madrigal, SVP of HR

Maria discusses community outreach, career development, intergenerational communication, plus diversity, equity, & inclusion initiatives.

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Taylor Moyer and Lisa Manning at Biocom 2023

Taylor Moyer Speaks at BIO 2023: An Effective Lab Operations Program Will Make You More Fundable

Taylor Moyer speaks on how to optimize lab operations to get investor money by running a well well-oiled machine.

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Kevin Barton on Flagship Features

Flagship Features Kevin Barton, Sr. VP of Operations

Kevin Barton, Sr. VP of Operation discusses how he leads his nationwide teams to embrace cutting-edge technology to drive innovation.

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Flagship 35 Years

Looking Back on 35 Years of Service

What started as a one-person janitorial operation in 1988 has turned into a nationwide multi-industry company offering an array of facilities services.

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Flagship Features Jim Mikacich

Flagship Features Jim Mikacich NVP Aviation Sales

Learn about the evolution from Service Performance Corporation to Flagship, its focus on customer service, specialized expertise, & expansion into aviation sales.

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National Custodian Day 2021

National Custodian Day – October 2, 2021

Thank you to the men and women that keep our offices and airports clean and safe. We salute you.

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Passenger Airplane Runway Video Chat

Regaining Passenger Confidence Amid COVID-19

Facilities Maintenance in a New Era. Passengers are looking for a feeling of safety, a healthy environment, & for visibility of what’s happening.

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Pride Flagship Faces Collage

A Pride Message from Flagship CEO Dave Pasek

Pride means celebrating our differences as a people so I’d like everyone to join me and celebrate our co-workers our friends and our family.

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Close-Up of Indoor Facility HVAC

Beyond HVAC: Indoor Air Quality and COVID-19

Conversations about the future of Integrated Facilities Management Beyond HVAC: Indoor Air Quality and COVID-19

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Empty Road Buildings Horizon

A Roadmap for Adapting Your IFM SOW to Meet the Demands of 2021 and Beyond

A Roadmap for Adapting your Integrated Facilities Management SOW to Meet the Demands of 2021 and Beyond

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Trax Analytics Tidbits with Tracy and Don

The Impact of COVID-19 on Facilities Services

Don Toole and Tracie Davis discuss the implications COVID-19 has had on the janitorial world and innovations to increase confidence within facilities.

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Flagship Pride 2020

Flagship Pride

Pride means celebrating our differences as a people. So I’d like everyone to join me and celebrate our co-workers, our friends, our family, people that we respect, care for, and love. As a people, as a company. Thank You!

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