The Power of Project Management
The Power of Project Management

Flagship Features: The Power of Project Management

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Video Transcript

Why is project management important and how does it integrate with our other services?

It’s super important for us to be able to to offer project management as a way to round out our list of services. So you know we’ve got our janitorial our airport our culinary and also project management and integrated facilities management. So it just creates a more robust service offering.

We definitely have to engage all of our business units and all of our key people to make sure that you know cross functionally we’re managing our projects and often times we we need all those people. HR and we need finance and we need our our janitorial division you know for construction cleanup. So it really covers all business units we’re looking at more ways of bringing in project management cross functionally. The executive team does a good job of goal setting and expectations.

I think the communication lines are are open and it’s not uncommon at all for David Pasek our CEO to walk through my door and ask questions about a particular job or a particular project.

Can you give an example of a complex project that we managed recently?

You know we’ve done quite a few high-end projects. Recently where we did a solar canopy and we had to design it in order to to fit in with the the original content and design of the building. It had a solar PV system that went with it so it was kind of of a really cool project and that tied into a studio we built for them. We created an electric hydraulic door that opened up in the facade right under The canopy to be able to drive vehicles into the studio and film. So this was kind of a higher end cool project that we we did recently.

Project management can be can be difficult to keep on budget and on schedule, right. There’s always milestones that you have to hit. You’ve got to hire architects and engineers. You’ve got to permit these jobs. So you’re at the reliance of a lot of other people and keeping them all organized and moving to you know together towards a common goal and common timing is is often difficult. Then there’s the financial piece where you know you’ve got a commitment you’ve got a purchase order got a certain amount of funding. You’ve got to get that funding completed in a certain amount of time. It gets pretty tricky so communication is key. Oftentimes we’ll try and overcommunicate just to keep people in the loop. So that they know what’s coming, they always seem to feel better on the client side if they know what’s coming. Positive and negative, right. So I think its how you deliver that message and that you’ve got a solution to it. That’s key and critical.

What are some ways Flagship maintains safety as a core value?

You know safety’s is absolutely critical here at Flagship. I mean our recordable metrics truthfully I think we’ve done a great job at implementing the DuPont safety program.

Actually taking that to multiple new levels. I have to tell you one story that I ran into this morning I was walking into the office it’s dark the guys are out front the mobile crew is out front they’re loading trucks they’re getting ready to roll. One text said to the other as they were getting ready to close their doors and head out. He said “Be safe out there” and I thought that was awesome.