Flagship Features Jim Mikacich
Flagship Features Jim Mikacich

Flagship Features Jim Mikacich NVP Aviation Sales

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Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to our new video series called Flagship Features I’m Amelia Beamer and I’m joined today by Don Toole who is Flagship’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing along with Mr Jim Mikacich who is our National Vice President of Aviation Sales. Thanks to you both for being here today. Thank you. Thanks Amelia, Flagship is celebrating 35 years as a company April 16th and we we couldn’t think of anyone better to have as our first guest on our little series here than to have Mr Jim Mikacich who’s kind of been here almost since the very beginning so Jim what what year did you start and how long have you been on the company and kind of give us a little bit of your history. Well I’m in my 32nd year so amazing considering that I’m not that old right um and it is amazing though I started with we had less than 100 people well less than that and now we’re over six thousand so it has been quite a ride it’s been very interesting it’s been exciting. Tell me like what are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen within within Flagship over these last 32 years for you 32 plus years for you like what are some of the big milestones you could remember. Well there is many of course we first started as Service Performance Corporation which I think it was partially that came out of Dave’s goal of creating and bringing customer service to our industry because at the time if you go back that far our business our industries weren’t really thought of as bringing customer service focused just more task oriented so Dave really drove that and over the years we had a developed a great reputation for quality and at one point though our name didn’t totally reflect with where we wanted to go also I call it the acronyming of the business ABM, ISS, all these people were using SPC and we wanted something different so out of it came Flagship and it’s various companies which is great. I think our background was really obviously in Tech because we started in the Silicon Valley but we had all these specialized areas of expertise clean rooms, Biotech and Pharma due to all the stuff in south San Francisco so that’s really how it expanded um

and then of course with reference to one of our big areas aviation. We started with just a small American Airlines account it was under 2,000 a month at San Jose International and then over the years of course we expanded two other airlines and other airports until we finally graduated if you will to doing entire airport contracts and it’s been exciting. Okay Jim that’s all our time for today thank you for being here and we hope you’ll come back and see us again soon.

Thank you I appreciate it it’s been exciting, 32 years in our 35th Anniversary upcoming I think there’s again a lot of growth and a lot of opportunity for a lot of people at our company in the future and I’m excited about that. I’m proud of what we built thus far thank you. Awesome. Bye guys.