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Leading Auto Manufacturer Trusts Flagship to Manage Project Swiftly & Safely

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Flagship Facility Services is proud to provide critical services for a variety of clients, including one of the world’s largest auto manufacturers. The company offers the most diverse lineup in the luxury vehicle segment, with 16 model lines ranging from sporty to electric.

The Challenge

When a roof truss fell at one of the client’s Parts Distribution Centers (PDC), leaders became concerned for the safety of employees working on the PDC floor. Not only would the client need to work quickly to assess the condition of nearly 400 trusses, but it had to address any deficiencies without disrupting normal business operations.

The client sought a partner with proven experience in both facilities maintenance and project management. Flagship was selected for its commitment to safety and reputation for providing reliable, cost-effective support.

The Solution

After a careful examination of the site revealed 56 instances of improper welding, Flagship developed a two-part solution. First, it would use stainless steel cabling to tether the trusses to their braces to prevent them from crashing and causing injury in the event of a structural failure. Meanwhile, Flagship worked to devise a more permanent solution, which involved bringing in a structural engineer to install brace plates at all deficient locations.

Because welding presents a fire threat, the project required a hot work permit and close coordination with the client’s Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Team. All bays would have to be cleared of product and a smoke eater deployed to keep the air clear of smoke and fumes during the welding process.

Facility Worker Welding

The Outcome

With the help of a local industrial services company and the Welder Training and Testing Institute (WTTI), Flagship organized a welding crew capable of this challenging job. The crew worked second shift to minimize operational disruptions, while fire watch and security crews waited in the wings in case of emergency.

In just 10 days, the entire initiative was completed to exacting standards. Once again, Flagship proved its ability to solve complex facilities problems, juggle multiple contractors and schedules, and prioritize worker safety. As a result, the client continues to trust Flagship with its most crucial project management needs.

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