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Solar Panel and Sustainable Buildings

Eco-Friendly Facilities Management: Maximizing Efficiency and Minimizing Footprint

Facilities management is crucial for reducing global emissions in built environments. Discover our sustainable solutions to lower your carbon footprint.

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Cooking Staff Training Course

Staff Training & Development: The Recipe for Excellence

Learn how investing in your culinary staff’s training and development creates a positive work environment and gives your organization a competitive edge.

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Facility Strategy Planning

A Guide to Integrating FM & PM for Peak Facility Performance

Explore how integrating project management (PM) into your facilities management (FM) program can help boost efficiency, control costs, and drive success.

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Roof of House Hit by Tornado

Essential Preparedness Strategies for Facility Managers

Safeguard your facility from the effects of major weather events with guidance, resources, and best practices from Flagship Facility Services.

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Emergency Signage

The 5 Key Elements of an Effective Emergency Preparedness Plan

In this blog post, we provide a guide for creating an emergency preparedness plan to ensure safety, continuity, and resilience.

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Employees with Sandwiches at Lunch

More Than a Meal: Corporate Dining as an RTO Strategy

Explore the advantages of investing in corporate dining to create a positive work environment and elevate your return-to-office efforts.

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Forest Winter and Summer Seasons

Year-Round Resiliency: A Guide to Seasonal Maintenance

Is your business protected against harsh winters and scorching summers? Learn how preventive maintenance can prepare your facility for year-round weather.

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Charging Station Close Up

Charging Into the Future: Flagship Helps Luxury Auto Manufacturer Create Ultimate EV Charging Station

Developing a comprehensive maintenance and repair plan to guarantee charging station’s seamless and uninterrupted operation.

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Culinary Chef Refining Dish

Flagship Culinary Services: Redefining Corporate Dining for the Hybrid Work Era

Flagship has seen corporate dining emerge as a catalyst of culture, helping to draw employees back to the office by promoting a sense of community.

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Cold Flu Season Medication

Navigating Flu, Cold, and COVID Season: A Workplace Survival Guide 

Learn about how to handle Flu, Cold, and COVID season in the workplace with these practical tips. Improve safety and health for staff this FCC season.

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Facial Recognition Technology

Protecting Your Business in a Digital World: Why Cybersecurity Matters

Cyberattacks can have dire financial consequences for businesses. Discover how to protect your business from the grave effects of cyberattacks.

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Facility Managers Facilities Wellness

A Strong Foundation: Why Facilities Maintenance Matters

Facilities maintenance plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and longevity of infrastructure, contributing to the overall well-being of businesses.

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