Multi-Purpose Corporate Studio
Multi-Purpose Corporate Studio

Flagship Oversees Studio Project for World-Class Auto Manufacturer

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Flagship Facility Services is proud to provide critical services for a variety of clients, including one of the world’s largest auto manufacturers. The company offers the most diverse lineup in the luxury vehicle segment, with 16 model lines ranging from sporty to electric.

The Challenge

As the client continues to expand its U.S. operations, it juggles many facilities improvement projects as well as hundreds of vendors. Most recently, the client set out to build a multi-purpose studio at its corporate headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The studio would be used primarily in the filming of vehicles, company addresses, and other key videos.

The client needed a project manager that would be able to introduce reliable architecture and engineering partners and deliver on a tight deadline. So it turned to Flagship – its long time facilities maintenance provider – to oversee the concept development and project execution.

The Solution

Flagship offered both the expertise and flexibility necessary to complete the project quickly and efficiently. In addition to providing pre-funding, Flagship helped produce the proposals used to raise capital for the project. This allowed the client to get a head start on construction and ultimately finish the project on schedule. Meanwhile, Flagship’s procurement team established partnerships with high-caliber building designers, architects, and engineers, further bolstering its reputation for bringing the right shareholders to the table.

In a matter of months, the team brought the client’s vision to life, building a cutting-edge studio that now experiences abundant use. Flagship achieved this while performing its regular facilities maintenance duties and carrying out other large-scale projects for the client.

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The Outcome

Not only was the studio project finished on time, but it was completed at a fraction of the cost estimated by competing project management firms. Flagship and its network of partners specialize in sustainable and cost-effective building and maintenance practices, which result in significant cost savings for clients.

By partnering with Flagship, the client also strengthened an existing vendor relationship instead of starting from scratch with a new project management provider. This led to a more streamlined experience and greater overall client satisfaction.

With several more projects underway, Flagship is honored to support the client on its path toward global success.

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