Airport Floor Cleaning Machine
Airport Floor Cleaning Machine

Webinar Recording: Solving Todays’ Airport Cleaning Challenges

Published September 17, 2020

Categories: Aviation, Facilities Maintenance, Janitorial, Webinar


Did you miss the September 21 webinar Solving Today’s Airport Cleaning Challenges: How to Restore Traveler Confidence Through Best Practices & Robotics?

The recording is now available for you to watch and gain significant insights into how airports can restore traveler confidence during COVID-19.

Current challenges have helped bring to light that employees can be more productive by working side by side with machines.

This webinar discusses how to gain traveler confidence through best practices and robotics while also solving airport cleaning challenges.

Discover the best cleaning practices for airports to help improve sanitation and decrease the risk of disease transfer while improving effective use of human capital and reducing costs over the long term.

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