Auto Manufacturer Car Frames
Auto Manufacturer Car Frames

Conquering Compliance: How Flagship Helped a Leading Auto Manufacturer Restore Order

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Flagship Facility Services is proud to deliver essential facility services for various industries and clients, including a leading global manufacturer of luxury vehicles. The company offers a diverse range of luxury and premium cars and vans with a network of facilities across the United States.

The Challenge

When an unscheduled site inspection at one of the client’s Parts Distribution Centers resulted in several citations for compliance violations, the client needed immediate assistance to mitigate the issues – including blocked aisleways, improper storage of lithium-ion batteries, and problems with the fire sprinklers, emergency exits, and high-piled storage. Because rules around lithium-ion storage are not yet well defined, the client required extra help navigating the regulatory landscape.

As a long-time partner of the client, Flagship provides end-to-end support across its network of facilities. Recognizing the need to address the citations and create an improved storage plan immediately, the client turned to Flagship for its proven project management skills.

The Solution

Flagship acted swiftly and assembled a project management team to ensure all the client’s issues were addressed. The team collaborated with a fire protection consultant to help devise a storage plan that would correct the violations and be manageable for the future.

Flagship coordinated with both the fire department and the client’s Environmental Health Services team to obtain plan approval. The priority was to address the high-piled storage obstruction and restructure two of their facilities to achieve compliance.

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The Outcome

The operation was completed within six months, thanks to Flagship’s meticulous project management efforts. With the client back in compliance with the fire department and the National Fire Protection Association, focus could be restored to the core business. Flagship continues to vigilantly support the client’s safety and compliance initiatives.

Conquering Compliance Client Story

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