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Flagship Puts Automotive Client on the Right Path with Preventative Maintenance Plan

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Flagship Facility Services is proud to provide critical services for a variety of clients. One of Flagship’s clients is the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles, known for their performance, durability, and safety. Propelled by superior craftsmanship, the client continues to set the pace for all others in the industry to follow. Headquartered in Europe, the client also operates a network of facilities across the United States.

The Challenge

The client’s U.S. site is comprised of multiple buildings, all of which support 24/7 operations. Traditionally, building maintenance and equipment repairs were performed on a limited basis to avoid interfering with the client’s stringent production schedule. As a result, the client experienced pre-mature equipment failures, which led to continuous disruptions and created an unmanageable back-log of work orders.

The client turned to Flagship to implement a preventative maintenance schedule that would optimize production and prevent any unexpected downtime.

The Solution

Flagship relied on its extensive experience working with high-output manufacturing clients to develop a brand-new maintenance program in coordination with the client’s team. Per Flagship’s suggestion, shutdowns are now baked into the client’s annual schedule to allow ample time for maintenance and repairs.

Today, the facilities team is able to provide notice of downtime months ahead of time, and the client has the opportunity to schedule work around maintenance windows. This not only demonstrates Flagship’s advanced planning ability, but its commitment to the client and willingness to work outside of normal business hours.

The Outcome

For four years, Flagship has successfully helped the client carry out its annual planning and shutdown activities. In that time frame, the client has not experienced a single outage due to equipment failure. Simply by performing preventative maintenance, the client has extended the life of its equipment and significantly reduced its maintenance and repair costs.

Flagship has leveraged this experience to assist other clients with complex maintenance needs and 24/7 operating environments. All have benefited from more consistent production, increased cost savings, and reduced operational risk – proving that the right preparation and planning pays off!

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