Laboratory Inventory Support
Laboratory Inventory Support

Flagship Acquires ManagedLab Services, Diversifies Its Biotech Portfolio

Published May 08, 2023

Categories: Biotech, Lab Support Services, San Diego

Managed Lab Services

Flagship Facility Services is pleased to announce its acquisition of ManagedLab Services (MLS) – a leading lab services company headquartered in San Diego, California.

MLS delivers cutting-edge laboratory support solutions to keep labs operating optimally. The company’s primary services include vendor-managed inventory, lab support, project management, and IT operations. MLS deploys a combination of highly trained people, documented processes, and transparent data to ensure that labs are always science ready.

That, along with ManagedLab Services vendor-agnostic approach, provides a robust portfolio of data that allows key department heads (Procurement, Facilities, Health & Safety, Lab Operations, and Scientists) to make forward-thinking decisions based on real-time insights.

“We are excited to join forces with Flagship and its Lab Services unit!” said Taylor Moyer, President and Founder of ManagedLab Services. “We believe that our data-driven approach to lab support services, combined with Flagship’s robust facilities maintenance offerings, is perfectly suited to early-stage Biotechs.”

Flagship also recently acquired Biotechnical Services, Inc. (BTS), an independent lab services company that specializes in lab equipment repair, calibration, and maintenance.

Building on the experience gained through these alliances, Flagship Lab Services offers a comprehensive portfolio of lab services to meet the specific requirements of Biotech start-ups as they progress from R&D through GxP.

Flagship Lab Services is the first lab services provider to deliver truly integrated lab support and facilities maintenance on a national scale, with the flexibility to keep pace with the uncertain and often rapid growth of early-stage Biotechs,” said David Pasek, CEO of Flagship.