Black History Month News & Resources

Thurgood Marshall Angela Davis

Black History Month: Part 4

Quotes about humanity and change.

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Kids Movie Illustration

Black History Month Movies for Kids

A list of movies for youth of all ages

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Popcorn Movies Illustration

Black History Month Must-See Films

Films to watch during Black History Month.

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Children Climb Books Illustration

Black History Month Must-Read Children Books

A list of books for kids of all ages.

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Black History Leaders Illustration

Black History Month Quotes: Part 3

Liberty and justice for all.

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Booker T Washington and Sojourner Truth

Black History Month Quotes: Part 2

Motivational quotes from Black leaders.

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Rosa Parks and Malcolm X

Black History Month Quotes: Part 1

Quotes from black history heroes.

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Storybook Time with Children in Classroom

Black History Month: Books for Children

A list of books for children of all ages that focus on race, history, struggles, achievements and more

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Happy African American Family

Black History Month: Resources for Health & Wellness

There are many online resources that help support health and wellness goals for the Black Community – this article lists five of the best!

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