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Veterans Day Parade

A Salute to All Who’ve Served

In honor of Veterans Day, read stories from Flagship employees as they remember veterans and pay respect to those who have served.

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Church Congregation Auditorium

3 Reasons Why Large Congregations Should Outsource Facility Management

Large congregational and church facilities have a unique set of needs. Find out how it is possible to overcome many facilities challenges by outsourcing.

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University Books and Laptop

Protecting Students’ Health is Their Focus as They Prepare for Fall Term 2020

Carnegie Mellon University turned to Flagship for guidance and insight into the best practices in protecting higher education facilities from viruses, bacteria and other contaminants.

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Whittier College Facilities Team

Whittier College Awards Flagship Facilities Team

Facilities management and janitorial teams tend to go unnoticed, but the students of Whittier College wanted to show their frontline heroes how much they are appreciated.

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Celebrating Employees Growth

Celebrate Employees to Grow

Celebrate the month of love every day and show staff how much you appreciate and value them to continue building trust and team commitment.

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Creating Social Value

Creating Social Value

What have you done to make your employees feel empowered? This week at Flagship we are focused on creating social value for our employees.

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No More and One Done Facilities

No More One and Done

College Campuses are Embracing Mixed-Use Development. The day of the single-use facility is becoming a thing of the past. There was a time where college campuses were filled with buildings designated for a particular function.

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Sustainability and Millennial Professionals

Generation Y

Why sustainability is important to millennial professionals Millennials want to…

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Water, water everywhere

Water, Water Everywhere

Waking at dawn to a flooded dorm…

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Santa Clara

When Budget Was a Concern

Faculty members and students have all remarked that they have never seen the campus look better. Also commenting that the condition of the campus has allowed them to become better students and teachers.

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