Regenerative Cells
Regenerative Cells

Supporting Cell Therapy Research with Strategic I.T. Solutions

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Founded in 2022, this therapeutics company develops personalized regenerative cell therapies to help those living with nervous system disorders, such as spinal cord injuries and Parkinson’s Disease.

The Challenge

Based in California, this client operates as a branch of a Contract Research Organization in Madison, Wisconsin. The client aimed to leverage San Diego’s deep talent pool while taking advantage of lower manufacturing costs in the Midwest. But this would require the ability to share large data sets and protocols securely between its two facilities. The client also needed to ensure that business operations would continue uninterrupted in the event of an internet outage at either location.

The Solution

Flagship implemented a robust I.T. solution designed to scale with the client as its operations expand. This solution encompasses a comprehensive suite of software, tools, and technologies, including:

  • Microsoft 365, including Outlook for seamless email communication and Teams for on-the-go file sharing and video conferencing
  • Site-to-site VPN for secure inter-office communication
  • On-premises servers and large Network Attached Storage at each location
  • Redundant internet connections to limit potential outages

Additionally, Flagship integrated a multi-layered cybersecurity bundle to protect the client from the perimeter, endpoints, and beyond. This approach guarantees uninterrupted operations in the event of power or service outages at either location.

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The Outcome

On day 1, Flagship delivered an I.T. infrastructure capable of meeting the client’s business needs and accommodating its fast growth. Not only did the client enjoy Flagship’s ongoing I.T. security, backup, and support, but it also benefited from a fixed-fee service model, which helped simplify the budgeting process. By providing convenient, hassle-free I.T. support, Flagship has enabled the client to focus on its critical mission of achieving advancements in treatment protocols and patient outcomes.


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