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One Partner to Meet All Your Facility’s Needs


Self Performed Facility Services Chart

Self-Performed Services

With Flagship, you will only have to make one call for all your Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) needs.

We are a single source provider, and we are able to pass through cost savings by routinely self-performing more than 80% of our facilities management services.


Single Service


Multi Service


Facility Management



Facility Management

Facilities management has become infinitely more intricate - driven by advances in IoT and data collection to drive asset and systems maintenance decisions.

Janitorial Services

When you partner with Flagship, you’re getting so much more than a broom, mop, and bucket; you’re getting 30 years of experience…the kind of experience that frees you up to focus on the business!


Hard Services


One way to keep your HVAC and Boiler systems efficient is to keep them well-maintained. Flagship’s trained and certified professionals will monitor and maintain your facility’s most important systems and provide you with all the data and results to ensure occupant comfort and safety. Our building engineers can support equipment selection and installation, then commission, start-up, operate and maintain the facility.

A CMMS or Work Order (WO) system is only as good as the information that is put into it. Flagship can help you reduce downtime and extend the life of your assets by entering consistent information about systems, their maintenance, and then providing you with the data to make informed decisions.

Flagship understands that modern businesses rely on effective, efficient, and secure technology solutions. Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, whether you're a small start-up or an established medium-sized enterprise.


Project management is the backbone of any successful venture. Whether it’s facility construction, renovation, or specific maintenance projects, our expert project managers stand ready to guide you every step of the way.

Capital planning is crucial to optimizing your investments and driving business growth. Leverage our comprehensive planning services and expert insights to ensure a secure financial future.


Soft Services


Flagship hires and trains the best people for your site. Our expert teams service individual and multi-tenant buildings, cleanrooms, labs, manufacturing operations, religious organizations and some of the busiest airports. We provide a wide array of janitorial, cleaning, disinfection and infection control and prevention services that will keep your facility safe and healthy.

Janitorial Services

Flagship can help you implement solutions to improve your facility's safety and give you a substantial security advantage. From video and tracking technology to access controls and environmental sensors, we can help you increase the safety for personnel and preserve the privacy of your business.

Flagship will keep your grounds beautiful and well maintained. But beyond mowing, trimming and planting, Flagship teams can also make sure the area is clean and safe, clear away trash and remove safety or weather-related hazards.


3 Reasons Why Large Congregations Should Outsource Facility Management

Outsourcing, strategies, and technology innovations hold immense potential for congregations seeking to improve productivity in church facilities management. The health of church facilities and their congregation has become more important than ever.

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