Creating a Competitive Edge


Airport authorities are making major investments to enhance the passenger experience, including expansions to relieve overcrowding, better food and drink options, and technologies to improve communication. Flagship also helps airports make great impressions by making the terminal a more pleasant place to be.

Airport Terminal

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Going Above and Beyond to Enhance Passenger Satisfaction

Flagship is proud to support thirteen of the top ranked airports in J.D. Power’s 2023 North America Airport Satisfaction StudySM

Janitor on Airport Floor Scrubber

ROI Building Blocks


Cleanliness Increases ROI

Clean carpets and floors are an amenity that passengers take for granted—unless they’re dingy and dull. Flagship can make airport carpets look like new, adding many years of useful life to this important capital investment. We test to determine the carpet’s pH balance and try different mixtures of chemicals to determine the best application.

We keep decorative floors clean and shiny by offering a cleaning process that is more environmentally friendly, needs no stripping or deep scrubbing, and creates a high-traction gloss that can help reduce slips and falls.


Client Testimonials

“ Your crews did a fantastic job! (Flagship) understood the scope and the ever changing schedule, adjusting crew size as needed. Absolutely awesome! ”

Facility Manager of 91 Buildings

Client Stories

Customer Service

Pleasant human interactions also create great impressions, but airports have limited control over their passengers’ interactions with non-airport employees such as parking lot attendants, shuttle drivers, and concessionaire employees.

Our People Are Customer Service Ambassadors

We know that we share space with your passengers, so our employees receive specialized customer service training that is usually offered in fine hotels. They carry laminated maps of the terminal and know how to read the FID monitors so that they can direct customers to their gate or the airport information desk. Secret shoppers test their reaction to common questions or minor security issues.


Documented Results

Transitioning to a new janitorial provider might seem like a challenge, but Flagship’s proven transition process makes the process virtually pain free. When Flagship took over the services provided by a long-term vendor at Orlando International Airport, we were able to simultaneously improve services at a rate 15% below incumbent and other large company proposals. And we’ve retained several of our key airport customers for 20+ years.

Interested in making a change?

Flagship understands the unique challenges of the airport environment, including tight schedules and intense scrutiny from passengers and local governments. We are keenly aware of the need to prove our value, so we offer our customers a dashboard-style portal with real-time KPIs that provide insight into our performance.