Facilities Maintenance Managers
Facilities Maintenance Managers

The New Era of FM: Strategic SOW Planning for Modern Environments

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Facilities maintenance (FM) stands as a pillar across industries and environments, shaping daily operations, driving employee productivity, and ensuring business success. FM’s importance has been amplified in today’s changing work environment and proven pivotal to organizational resiliency. While FM has always been a vital component of workplace operations, the pandemic acted as a catalyst for change, forcing organizations to reevaluate their operational strategies and the functionality of their spaces.

Modern work environments are dynamic, with shifting needs and priorities such as the adoption of new technologies, changes in workforce size, and evolving health and safety standards. These changes can significantly impact the requirements for maintaining workplace facilities. Additionally, as companies adapt to trends like remote work or flexible office spaces, the frequency and type of maintenance activities may need to be adjusted.

Regularly reviewing and updating your Scope of Work (SOW) ensures that maintenance activities remain relevant, effective, and aligned with your current operational needs, ultimately supporting a safe, functional, and efficient workplace.

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FM, The Workplace, & Sow

The functionality of any building or workspace relies on effective FM and intertwines closely with the SOW, which encompasses everything from routine inspections and preventive maintenance to project management. The SOW serves as a detailed guide for facility managers, ensuring alignment with the organization’s goals and operational requirements

Strategic SOW Planning

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