Francisco O.

Francisco O.

Francisco O.

Frontline Cleaner

A custodian at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Francisco O. is consistently recognized for his hard work and excellent customer service.

Most recently, Francisco received the Sky Harbor’s “Customer Service on the FLY” award for assisting another airport employee.

The employee, who had just finished doing some spring cleaning, was looking for a place to dump her cart full of trash. Francisco immediately offered to take all the trash from her cart and dispose of it properly. He noted to the employee that he always tries to spread positivity.

This month, Francisco was named Terminal 4 Employee of the Month for his efforts. He has also been recognized on the City of Phoenix’s social media accounts on multiple occasions.

Flagship is proud of its team at Sky Harbor for being celebrated by the “Customer Service on the FLY” team on a regular basis. Thanks, Francisco, for your dedication and positive attitude!