What is Integrated Facilities Management?
What is Integrated Facilities Management?

IFM Benefits – What is Integrated Facilities Maintenance?

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There’s a big difference between integrated facilities maintenance (IFM) and aggregated facilities management. True IFM is self-performed for maximum cost control, visibility and quality assurance.

At Flagship our integrated facility maintenance and management services provide efficient and cost effective solutions, from straightforward tasks like painting a wall to strategic support for your capital planning process.

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Video Transcript

Integrated Facilities Maintenance or IFM means one vendor provides all the services needed to manage your facility from the curb to the roof. IFM’s benefits are straight forward reduce costs, reduce complexity thanks to consolidating all those contracts bills and relationships consistent staff coverage improved capital planning and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your facilities hard and soft facility services needs are fully met. But before you jump into an IFM arrangement you need to know if a vendor self performs their services like Flagship does. Why?

Other providers offer aggregated facility management masquerading as IFM. Your services gets subcontracted out each with its own markup. Instead of you managing subcontractors they manage subcontractors your costs will increase while transparency decreases. In contrast Flagship’s true IFM structure means we do nearly everything in house this allows us to focus on controlling your cost and delivering total value. In addition our shared savings program and contractual KPI’s mean that we always succeed together! For over thirty years our private company has remained answerable to only one person, you.

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