Microscopes in a Medical Lab
Microscopes in a Medical Lab

Flagship Lab Services Grows with Biopharmaceutical Company as It Harnesses a Revolution in Human Health

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Founded in the early 2000s, this Biopharmaceutical company develops RNAi therapeutics – an innovative new class of medicines that work by disabling the production of genes that cause specific diseases.

In less than 20 years, this client has grown from a small start-up to a top-tier global Biopharmaceutical company with multiple approved products and several programs in clinical development.

The Challenge

As interest in RNAi grew during the early 2000s, the Biopharmaceutical client experienced sudden and rapid growth that necessitated a facilities services upgrade. Not only did laboratory equipment require extensive repair, but a renewed emphasis on cleaning and sanitation was essential.

Meanwhile, the client struggled to obtain and manage the lab supplies and other inventory needed to broaden its research and development. One of the chemicals that it needed to secure was buffer – the substance that helps maintain a relatively constant pH in a solution – which became increasingly challenging to source once the COVID-19 pandemic began. The company turned to Flagship Lab Services to provide a combination of facilities maintenance and lab support services.

The Solution

In collaboration with the client, Flagship successfully restored the non-working centrifuges and repaired other malfunctioning equipment, enabling the client to resume working at a routine pace. Additionally, the team began self-performing preventive and predictive maintenance to help avoid future equipment breakdowns.

With the lab facilities stabilized, the Flagship team set out to improve day-to-day lab operations, first by enforcing new procedures to ensure the client’s glassware and other fixtures remained in good working condition.

Flagship also began managing the client’s inventory of chemicals and gases – a crucial part of lab preparation.

Furthermore, Flagship introduced experts capable of producing buffer in-house for the client. Quickly, the buffer prep team fortified its supply and began providing buffer across the client’s business.

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The Outcome

After three years of partnership, Flagship has helped to refine the client’s facilities services processes and procedures and increased communication and transparency among all invested parties. Thusly, the company is positioned for the growth and success that its mission so deserves.

As this growth continues, so does Flagship’s role within the organization. Since the partnership began, the Flagship team has more than doubled. And, with Flagship’s help, the client’s buffer team has expanded as well.

Today, the client provides buffer to 100 scientists in total, with hopes of expanding the program and marketing the product to a wider base. By taking control of this critical component, the client can guarantee the avoidance of future disruptions caused by supply shortages.

The client is now an industry leader with a robust pipeline of therapeutics – a testament to the power of its partnership with Flagship. As a result, the company can remain focused on building its research and development engine and harnessing a revolution in biology for human health.

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Revolution in Human Health

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