Returning to Office: Employee Engagement & Incentives


Perks and amenities, especially food programs, are critical in luring employees back to the office. According to JLL (Pradere, 2022), a significant portion of employees (59%) expect their employers to actively support their health and well-being, which includes providing quality food options.


Great Food (re)Builds Employee Engagement

Learn more about how Flagship provides top-of-the-line culinary services for employees and their guests. Discover how quality dining experiences can transform the workplace.

Culinary Services

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How Corporate Culinary Programs Can Boost Office Returns

In the post-Covid area, organizations are adjusting to a diverse work landscape and embracing various operational models. Some have shifted to remote work, others have resumed full-time office work, while others are adopting a hybrid approach.

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Putting Employees First, a Flagship Tradition

Discover how we prioritize our employees' success at Flagship. Join Maria Madrigal, SVP of HR, as she discusses our community outreach, career development, intergenerational communication, as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Learn why our employees are at the heart of everything we do.


Boosting Employee Engagement: The Power of In-Person Events

Employee expectations have changed drastically since the start of the pandemic. Not only do workers expect flexibility when it comes to their schedule and physical workspace, but if they’re going to make the commute to the office, they want to be part of a lively community and positive workplace culture.

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Driving Success Through Employee Engagement

Flagship has a unique perspective on employee engagement. After all, our whole business model is built around providing consistent on-site support to our customers. Our dedicated employees work tirelessly to deliver exceptional service around the clock. And they must be present daily, even if the customer’s employees are working remotely.

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Returning to Office Culinary Inquiry