Modern Lab Facility
Modern Lab Facility

Flagship’s Scalable Support Helps Pharmaceutical Company Thrive

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This leading pharmaceutical company has been dedicated to creating high-quality medicines for more than a century. The company’s unwavering commitment to improving health outcomes for people worldwide has led to the development of groundbreaking medicine for the treatment of cancer, diabetes, pain, and a variety of other diseases.

The Challenge

The client boasts several facilities across the country dedicated to drug discovery and manufacturing. One of its local subsidiaries was expanding quickly, so it elected to merge with another business unit and move to a larger facility. Unfortunately, the new facility required more support and staffing than the client’s current lab services team could provide.

The client sought a partner equipped to deliver lab relocation assistance and provide scalable support to meet its emerging needs.

The Solution

The client turned to Flagship Lab Services for its expertise in managing early-stage Biotechs through moves and operational transitions. A top priority for Flagship was ensuring consistent operations during the lab move and preventing any further disruption, which was achieved by increasing its on-site support and services.

To streamline the move, Flagship employed its Science-Ready Assessment to ensure the facility was set up for optimal scientific productivity and innovation. Flagship also analyzed, optimized, and documented the client’s current lab programs and processes, including its asset and consumables inventory management programs.

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The Outcome

By making improvements to the client’s existing lab management systems, Flagship was able to implement new efficiencies that allowed the scientists to remain focused on their research. Since then, Flagship has scaled its services to provide the client with even more support. The partnership, which began with Flagship providing move assistance and part-time lab management, has evolved to include comprehensive on-site lab support.

Flagship has also assisted the client with several other facility moves, collaborating closely with the lab operations teams to ensure that labs remain science-ready. With Flagship’s backing, the client continues to develop medicines that meet real needs and improve the understanding and management of disease.

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