Passenger Airplane Fueling for Flight
Passenger Airplane Fueling for Flight

Taking Flight: How Flagship Scales to Support Airports’ Passenger Experience Initiatives

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Airports are dynamic and constantly changing environments, with many factors that affect their operations and infrastructure, including renovations, construction, and travel demand. Airport layouts, terminal buildings, and runway configurations change frequently, as do flight volumes and passenger counts. Additionally, the introduction of new processes and systems can change the way travelers move throughout the airport.

The Challenge

While change is exciting, it can also have a negative impact on passengers who expect consistency with every airport visit. Many airports struggle to balance change – both planned and unplanned – with the goal of providing a seamless and enjoyable travel experience for passengers. It’s easy to let items such as customer service and cleanliness fall by the wayside during periods of transformation, resulting in traveler frustration and complaints.

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The Solution

Flagship Aviation Services provides the scalable support that airports need to deliver consistently exceptional service. With 35 years of experience, we offer reliable facility services, yet we’re able to adapt as circumstances shift and operations fluctuate. Our team takes a consultative approach to facility services, providing guidance and working alongside you to optimize your space. We’re willing to flex our staff, cleaning frequencies, and other contractual provisions to accommodate smaller crowds during construction and disruptive events such as weather. Meanwhile, we’re able to scale up to support increased traffic and critical CX initiatives.

Not only do we provide janitorial services, but we can also support your existing facilities maintenance program. We specialize in facility improvements, both simple and complex – from repairs to painting and everything in between. Our staff are trained to focus on items that have a major impact on passenger experience, including sanitation and appearances. By relying on cutting-edge technology, we’re able to identify issues on the spot and take corrective action immediately.

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Most recently, we implemented a restroom appearance technician program at Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) to improve restroom conditions, which are crucial to the passenger experience. Together with TRAX Analytics, we installed new technologies to monitor and collect real-time feedback on RDU restrooms, enabling us to address their needs more proactively.

About Flagship Aviation Services

Flagship Aviation Services provides first-class facilities maintenance to the nation’s top airlines and airports. We now offer an expanded list of services, including cleaning, maintenance, and passenger support. Our solutions for the aviation industry are proven to drive cost efficiencies, increase accountability, and improve the overall passenger experience.

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