Modern Lab Facility
Modern Lab Facility

Seamless Integration: Flagship Navigates Lab Moves and M&As for Biopharma Client

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This biopharma organization has established itself as an industry leader by combining the agility of a biotech with the reach and resources of an established pharmaceutical company. With its dedication to innovation and helping those in need, the client has developed and distributed lifesaving therapies for patients worldwide.

The Challenge

The client was experiencing rapid growth due to major mergers and acquisitions (M&As) that necessitated the integration of external lab operations as well as two new facilities. However, the client risked significant research disruptions without a dedicated team to carry out the transition planning.

The Solution

To bridge the gaps in support caused by M&As, Flagship brought in a transition team to provide additional support to the staff and integrate the separate lab teams. The transition team built a new lab ops program with improved systems and processes to help maintain efficient operations.

The team also meticulously planned, organized, and executed moves to the two new facilities, including the transport of delicate equipment and sensitive materials, and managed the chain of custody for the client’s lab samples. By setting up and calibrating the lab equipment and carrying over the new systems and processes created by the transition team, Flagship ensured that the client’s critical research remained uninterrupted.

Facility Movers with Boxes

The Outcome

Flagship swiftly adapted its support to accommodate new management and systems – empowering scientists to concentrate on their life-saving research. Furthermore, the remodeled processes introduced by Flagship helped streamline operations and introduce cost savings, improving the client’s bottom line. In carrying out this seamless transition, Flagship ensured the client’s continued success and further proved its expertise in lab management.

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