Service Spotlight on Margarita
Service Spotlight on Margarita

Service Spotlight on Margarita Tovar

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At Flagship, we understand that great employees like Margarita Tovar are our most valued asset. She embodies our core values and combines them with a spirit and work ethic that are nothing less than exceptional! Find out more about Margarita’s incredible journey with Flagship.

Video Transcript

My name is Margarita Tovar I’m Operation Manager in Terminal C here in DFW. I work for Flagship for 15 years. They hired me as a cleaner and I’ll do that for one year after that they offered me the lead position, supervisor position and after that they sent me to start new accounts and finally they offered me the manager position.

Margarita really takes pride in what she actually does. She’s learned a lot of different things from what she started to where she’s at today she’s one of those that actually promoted all the way through the chain and now she’s an ops manager and she’s great.

My favorite moment here in Flagship is when I become a USA citizen. When I start working with Flagship I was not speak any English so they give it to me the opportunity to grow and learn the language and when I become a USA citizen they make me a party and I was so big to me because I realized that Flagship care about me. I really like how we work in here, Flagship care about us all the employees when we have our delays because of the weather I come early I bring some donuts and make some coffee for them. I tell them today is gonna be a busy day but we can do if we work as a team. I have a really good relation with them I care about them and they care about me. We have a lot of things going on every single day it’s always different, and I really like that.