Team SAN

Team SAN

Team SAN

Team SAN Keeps Terminals “Customer Ready”

Since September 1, more than 350,500 passengers have passed through the San Diego International Airport (SAN) terminals. With that amount of foot traffic, the airport facility’s floors, bathrooms, seating areas, and more need continuous maintenance.

To keep up with this demand, a team of Authority employees from Terminal Operations and Environmental Affairs have joined together with Flagship and SANCO to conduct weekly terminal inspections, create a list of projects and adapt the scope of work based on level of importance.

“We start with T1, T2E, T2W, and FIS and rotate each terminal location every week,” said Elsie Gonzalez, Terminal Operations Coordinator. “The airlines have a vested interest since they lease space, and their passengers use our facility and services. The Airport Authority has an immense stake in the custodial care of our terminals as it is a reflection of us.”

The hour-long terminal inspections have been conducted for many years and include looking at areas both inside and outside the terminals. The inspection areas include curbside, pedestrian bridges, EDR ticket counter leading to the main terminal ticket counter and baggage claim, all public restrooms, elevators, lobbies, tenant spaces, gate hold rooms, flooring, carpet, vents, walls, seating, and passenger boarding bridges.

Airport Inspection Crew Evaluating Carpet and Floors
Inspection crew evaluating carpeting in a holding area and flooring in the public walkways.

“We basically inspect everything from top to bottom and work to make sure the areas in need get serviced,” said Elsie. “While we clean everything, the top three areas that routinely need cleaning are the restrooms, the Terrazzo flooring, and the windows.”

Next time you are in the terminals, remember the Terminal Inspection Team works hard to keep the SAN Airport clean and safe!