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COVID-19 Facility Reopen Walkthrough

5 Strategies to Limit Liability as You Reopen Facilities During COVID-19

In light of the unprecedented challenges of the last few months, limiting your liability as you reopen your facility has become paramount.

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Crowd of People in Reopen Growth Graph

Reopen Responsibly: A Guide for Safe and Healthy Workplaces

2022 Update

This guide is designed to help answer your questions about how to create and maintain a healthy facility during the process of reopening.

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Properly Disinfecting Workstation

Tips for Proper Disinfection of Pathogens like COVID-19

Here are the top tips from professionals on cleaning and disinfecting your facility so your building is safe and healthy for employees and visitors.

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COVID-19 Office Workspace

Apply the Hierarchy of Controls to Reduce COVID-19 Risk

The Hierarchy of Controls can be used to reduce hazardous facility risks. We have applied it to COVID-19 to implement control solutions for potential contamination.

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Elevator Social Distancing Infographic

Big Changes for Elevator Culture During COVID-19

As companies begin to reopen responsibly, one large hurdle is how to handle elevator occupancy while social distancing and disinfecting for health.

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Employee Safety Meeting

Emergency Safety

Update your emergency safety protocols at your facility to handle adjusted staff amounts and social distancing during COVID-19.

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COVID-19 Increase Stats Chart

Increasing Cases of COVID-19

As the number of COVID-19 cases grow and fluctuate, make sure the environment inside your facility is safe and healthy.

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Compass Pointing North

How to Navigate 2020

2020 has been a challenge due to so many changes. As we approach mid-year, here are some tips to help navigate the next six months.

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OSHA Occupational Safety Health Act Notebook

OSHA Guidance to Reopen Responsibly

OSHA has issued a series of industry specific alerts designed to keep workers safe and a guide for preparing workplaces to reopen responsibly.

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COVID-19 Disinfecting Your Facility

Disinfecting Your Facility to Fight COVID-19 and Help Protect Your Employees and Customers

PUREClean is a four-pronged approach to facility services that address businesses’ needs to reopen responsibly – whether that business is a Class A campus in Silicon Valley or an international airport terminal in a prime tourist destination.

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Travel Businessman in Airport

Glimmer of Hope for Aviation?

Recent creative promotions from airlines after the reduction of strict government mandates reveal an appetite for future travel.

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Office

CDC Decision Tools

The CDC has released six one-page “decision tool” documents to tell organizations what they should consider before reopening.

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