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Cleaning and Disinfecting Office

Reopening Checklist

May 07, 2020

As the shelter-at-home mandates lift and employees return, you’ll need to get your facility ready. Here’s an abbreviated checklist to help you reopen.

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Janitorial Cleaning Supplies

Flagship introduces PURECleanTM

May 06, 2020

Whether your facility has been fully or partially shuttered – or operational – PUREClean helps you plan and navigate for the phases of reopening.

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Passengers at Busy Airport

Protecting Passengers During a Pandemic

May 01, 2020

Salt Lake City International Airport Transitions Airport Janitorial Services to Flagship Aviation Services amidst COVID-19.

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Airplane Landing at SLC Airport

Transitioning Janitorial Services Amidst COVID-19

May 01, 2020

Check out AviationPros podcast with Flagship’s Don Toole as they discuss how to protect airports during a pandemic and beyond.

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Janitor Cleaning Computer Screen

What’s Growing in Your Facility?

April 27, 2020

Has your facility been empty due to shelter at home orders? Here are things that could be growing in your facility and how to get it ready for employees.

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Employee Working After COVID-19

4 Phases to Reopen a Facility

April 20, 2020

The guideline for reopening state economies was announced on April 16, 2020. What steps should you take at your facility to ensure a safe return?

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COVID-19 Office Cleaning

COVID-19 Cleaning

April 10, 2020

Before you open your facility doors, there are steps you need to take to keep your facility and occupants safe and healthy. Get the ball rolling now.

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Building Engineer Working on Office AC

What To Do Before Shuttering Your Facility

April 01, 2020

Most facilities are not built to stay vacant for weeks or months. Here are the top 11 tasks that should be completed before shuttering a facility.

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Airport Floor Cleaning Machine

Airport Cleaning Amidst Coronavirus

March 26, 2020

Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport, and Flagship cleaning crews are doing their part to prevent the spread of the coronavirus as thousands of passengers.

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Employee Continuing Through a Pandemic

Continuing Through a Pandemic

March 26, 2020

While some businesses have closed their facility doors, there are still ways you and your employees can contribute during the COVID-19 world pandemic.

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Employee Communications During Crisis

Employee Crisis Communications

March 18, 2020

It is important to maintain proactive and clear lines of communication with employees during a crisis.

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COVID-19 Technology Innovation

Innovation from COVID-19

March 13, 2020

Throughout time, innovation has been sparked by hardship and necessity. How can your business inspire change for the future world?

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