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COVID-19 Technology Innovation

Innovation from COVID-19

Throughout time, innovation has been sparked by hardship and necessity. How can your business inspire change for the future world?

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Woman with Hand Sanitizer

DIY Prep for Viruses

As COVID-19 spreads, items like hand sanitizer & disinfecting wipes are harder to find. Since quantities are limited, here are do-it-yourself solutions.

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California Bracing for Coronavirus

Bracing for COVID-19

As California gets its first unexplained COVID-19 case, and the virus spreads to 49 countries, businesses should brace for what’s to come.

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Businessman Wearing Coronavirus Protection Mask

Coronavirus Costing Businesses Billions

Companies are losing billions of dollars due to the novel coronavirus. It is happening because of missing products, low demand and/or stock valuation.

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Talk to Employees About the Coronavirus

Talk to Employees About the Coronavirus

When you don’t communicate, people tend to assume the worst. Let your employees know that you take their health and safety seriously.

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Face Mask Coronavirus Precaution

Precautions for the Coronavirus

Protect your facility and occupants against viruses, including the highly contagious coronavirus, with infection control and proper sanitation practices.

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2019-nCoV Virus

Public Health Alert for Passengers

Transporters and travelers should take extra cleanliness precautions to reduce the spread of the 2019-nCoV virus. The CDC has increased the alert to a Level 2 and issued health screenings for some travelers

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