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Businessman in Airport Lounge Watching Takeoff

Signature Clean | Mastering the Art of Airport Lounge Upkeep

Explore strategies for transforming your airport lounge into a haven that meets passenger expectations and reinforces your reputation for excellence.

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Airport Airline Lounge

From Chaos to Calm: Strategies for Overcoming Crowded Airport Lounges

As the number of passengers flocking to airport lounges grows, delivering an elevated passenger experience becomes increasingly challenging.

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American Veterans Flags

Flagship Celebrating Veterans All Month Long

Flagship is proud to employ, engage, and honor veterans across the entire organization.

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Zach at Flagship Community Outreach Booth

Flagship’s Trade School Partnership Program Matches Grads with Meaningful Work

Flagship aims to build relationships with students, graduates, alumni, and staff and match them with career opportunities at client sites across the U.S.

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Night Shift Facility Workers

Tips for Capturing FM Knowledge Before It Walks Out the Door

It’s increasingly important for businesses to develop a knowledge retention strategy that targets facilities managers.

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Building Engineer Working on Electrical Board

How to Attract and Retain FM Professionals in 2022

By understanding what FMs are looking for in a career opportunity, employers can differentiate themselves and build an effective workforce.

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COVID-19 Health Passport with QR Code

Using IT to reduce Airport OPEX

Most airports are planning to increase investments in digital technology to transform the passenger experience while improving the bottom line.

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Top 5 Gold Facility Award

2021’s Top 5 – the greatest hits

2021 was just as challenging as 2020 – here are our top 5 articles that touched on some of the difficulties faced by facility managers last year.

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American Veteran Soldier on Laptop

Celebrating Our Veterans at Flagship

In honor of Veterans Day, we’d like to introduce you to some of the service men and women that make Flagship’s teams strong, secure and tenacious.

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Family Fixing Red Chinese Lanterns

10 Annual Events That Can Enhance Your Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

Celebrating the many diverse cultural celebrations of your staff and clients is a significant way to foster inclusion and belonging in any organization.

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Coworkers Discuss Diversity Inclusion Programs

Which Diversity and Inclusion Programs Truly Work?

Is your organization growing your D&I programs – and are they working? Studies show the three most used programs actually make companies less diverse.

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Veterans Day Parade

A Salute to All Who’ve Served

In honor of Veterans Day, read stories from Flagship employees as they remember veterans and pay respect to those who have served.

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