Service Spotlight on Chef Tam
Service Spotlight on Chef Tam

Service Spotlight on Chef Tam

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Chef Tam is the driving force behind one of our high performing culinary services teams. His passion for creative food preparation, his gift for encouraging employee engagement and his exacting professional standards sets his teams up for success every day. In this video, Chef Tam talks about the importance of Respect in the workplace.

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Video Transcript

My name is Tam Sagayan I am the Senior Sous-Chef I came from the outside restaurant world outside of here I hit my plateau I hit my roof my head hit a ceiling Flagship was a great opportunity for me and my family. Flagship has many opportunities and it’s growing there’s no way that you’re gonna get stuck in a rut here you set the ceiling for yourself not the other way around here.

Tam on a daily basis brings his a-game to his team to his guests and to Flagship carrying is the that’s the biggest part to me to work for a place that actually does care about you thinks about you employees are recognized on a daily basis I feel like you have to care to focus on safety you have to care to focus on respect we’re all here to do the same exact job it doesn’t matter front of the house back of the house catering pastry it’s all the same goal we’re here to serve good food and have fun doing it.

Doing things and showing people the right way that’s in Tam’s DNA on a daily basis Tam takes the approach from the employee perspective what’s their day going to look like how can I make it easier for them and then follows through to ensure they’ve got the resources to make that day the best day possible.

My philosophy is I don’t like to make things more stressful than it already is so if I can make it you love coming to work I’m gonna do that and I’m gonna still make sure you get your job done.