Airport with Airplane on Runway
Airport with Airplane on Runway

Creative Conservation: Flagship Implements Sustainable Solution at San Diego International Airport

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Owned and operated by San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, San Diego International Airport (SAN) is one of the world’s busiest single-runway commercial service airports and the third-busiest airport in California. Environmental stewardship is a hallmark of operations at the airport, which was one of the first to institute a sustainability policy to guide its environmental, social, and economic practices.

The Challenge

Like many airports, San Diego International Airport utilizes jet bridges for passenger loading and unloading. However, as the airport’s longstanding facilities maintenance partner, Flagship noted a significant issue: excessive water leakage from the jet bridges caused by condensation. Faced with this challenge, the airport sought a solution that not only resolved the leakage but also aligned with its sustainability goals.

The Solution

Together with Ocean Blue Environmental Services, a local company specializing in waste management, Flagship developed a creative strategy to conserve water leaking from the jet bridges. As part of this approach, a 55-gallon drum was placed beneath each jet bridge to capture and store any excess water. This water is now repurposed to power several different maintenance tools, including pressure washers, carpet shampooers, and other cleaning equipment.

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The Outcome

Thanks to this water conservation program, San Diego International Airport has reused thousands of gallons of water for its facilities maintenance operations. This initiative aligns with the airport’s sustainability objectives while enhancing its reputation as an eco-friendly travel hub.

Flagship is committed to supporting its clients’ sustainability efforts, from recycling and green-cleaning programs to the implementation of renewable energy. By partnering with industry leaders and employing innovative problem-solving techniques, Flagship is advancing sustainable facilities maintenance to create a greener future.

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