Green Building Efficiency Industry Rating
Green Building Efficiency Industry Rating

Flagship Achieves Cleaning Industry Management Standard Green Building with Honors Certification

Published April 11, 2022

Categories: Facilities Maintenance, Janitorial, Safety

ISSA CIMS GB Certified with Honors Logo

Flagship Facility Services has achieved the Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) Green Building with Honors certification from ISSA – the world’s leading trade association for the cleaning industry.

CIMS GB with Honors is designed to help companies improve cleanliness outcomes, deliver better service, and control costs. This certification confirms that Flagship has the necessary structures, processes, procedures, and supporting documentation in place to meet customer needs, while also addressing the heightened demands of cleaning for health and safety.

“Achieving CIMS certification was an outstanding achievement for Flagship,” said Kevin Barton, Flagship’s SVP of Operations. “We recognized as an organization our operational processes mirrored those of CIMS. The opportunity to obtain certification and with honors validated our systems and processes. Our clients can be assured we are structured to deliver best-in-class services when given the opportunity.”

CIMS GB with Honors is the first consensus-based management standard that outlines the primary characteristics of a successful, quality cleaning organization. It ensures companies follow the proper use of disinfection products and the stringent manufacturer procedures for accurate and effective use.

CIMS GB with Honors applies six core elements of management best practices, including:

  • Quality systems
  • Service delivery
  • Human resources
  • Health, safety, and environmental stewardship
  • Management commitment
  • LEED EB: O&M

“Compliance with CIMS GB with Honors means a cleaning organization has the modern systems in place to deliver professional cleaning services, which is crucial for moving forward post-pandemic in today’s competitive market,” said Brant Insero, ISSA Senior Director of Education, Training, Certification, and Standards. “We’re excited to welcome Flagship to a growing list of certified CIMS companies and look forward to continuing our efforts to help providers meet new demands and instill pride in their work.”

To successfully achieve CIMS certification, a facility service provider must meet 100% of the mandatory elements and 60% of the recommended elements per section. An ISSA-accredited third-party assessor conducts an on-site review to ensure the organization’s activities are consistent with the documented systems and processes.

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