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Higher education is facing a host of difficult challenges: poor completion rates, increasing tuition cost, reduced investment income and endowments, declining enrollment and increased competition from online education. Flagship’s integrated facilities maintenance services will tightly manage your facilities while you concentrate on meeting those challenges.


Simple Service Solutions for Complicated Facilities


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There are endless configurations of the ideal Integrated Facilities Maintenance (IFM) program. Flagship gives you the power to choose as narrow or broad a program as you’d like and add or remove services as your needs change.


Have your facilities operations and services handled under one company that is dedicated to making sure you receive the best experience possible.


Integrated Facilities Maintenance

IFM provides customers with an efficient and cost effective solution for any facility challenge, from straightforward tasks like painting a wall to strategic support for your capital planning process.

IFM Services

Hard Services

Services related to the physical fabric of the building that cannot be removed. These services ensure the safety and welfare of employees. Some of these services include energy and utility management, building engineering, HVAC and boiler maintenance, and plumbing.

Hard Services

Soft Services

Services that make the workplace more pleasant or secure to work in. Certain services may not be compulsory and can be added and removed as necessary. Some of these services include janitorial services, security and monitoring, landscaping, and recycling.

Soft Services
Protecting Students’ Health is Their Focus as They Prepare for Fall Term 2020

Client Success Story: Protecting Students’ Health is Their Focus as They Prepare for Fall Term 2020

Carnegie Mellon University turned to Flagship for guidance and insight into the best practices in protecting higher education facilities from viruses, bacteria and other contaminants.

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Recycling, Did You know?

We’ve been partnering in on campus sustainability initiatives for years, including complete recycling program support and on-site composting.