A Day in the Life of a Dish Machine Operator
A Day in the Life of a Dish Machine Operator

A Day in the Life of a Dish Machine Operator

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Ever wonder what a day on the dish machine operator front lines entails? Watch and find out how we provide great service to our clients – and hear about the amazing growth opportunities that come from pursuing a career at Flagship Culinary Services!

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Video Transcript

My name is Regional Ford. I’m a DMO which means Dish Machine Operator.

What Does a typical day as a Dish Machine Operator Include?

We just, come in set up the machine, get the machine running, make sure all the supplies are available. Once they start breakfast we just continue to go through breakfast and lunch with cleaning the dishes and all that that entails.

  • Scrape and scrub dishes
  • Rinse Dishes
  • Load Machine
  • Empty Machine
  • Organize and Restock Clean Dishes
  • Take Out Trash

I’ve worked around a lot of kitchens a lot of dish pits as they call them and this is the biggest by far. Everything’s in a bigger scale much bigger scale then with your normal restaurant.

What is the most important task of a DMO?

We want to make sure that they have good supply of clean wear and to do that you have to take your time. I got a wife she works here as well after my other job I’m thinking about taking up a second job she said no you just need one good job and guess where I ended up. Here I am. Honest answer, true story yeah.

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