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We understand that nothing is more important than keeping your researchers focused on your projects. You've got to hit those milestones and secure your next round of funding. The most important thing to our Lab Services professionals are your lab facilities. Specifically, keeping them science-ready and quickly scalable – from incubator to clinical trials.


Focus on the science – We’ll focus on your facilities.

Our services – available on an à la carte basis – keep your labs running safely and smoothly every step of the way, from incubation to commercialization:

  • IT Services
  • Lab Operations Support
  • Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing
  • Project Management/Lab Moves
  • Technical Services
  • Testing & Certification
  • Vendor Managed Inventory

Certified Lab Services Technicians

Our employees deliver the services you need with unwavering precision and professionalism. All our staff go through a rigorous training bootcamp, where they get the on-site training, certifications, and licenses they need to do their work.


Plan for Success!

Even if you’re not ready to engage a lab services partner, it’s important to set up your lab facilities for long-term success. There are well over 100 individual equipment/service items to consider when planning your lab facilities. This Lab Operations Checklist was developed and is used by our Lab Operations teams to gain insight into the types of facility and lab services that need to be accommodated.

Download the Lab Operations Checklist

Lab Support Checklist

Built-in Scalability

Our integrated model, including a full range of laboratory services, allows us to tailor our offerings to your specific needs. As those needs change, we can adapt our staffing and operational protocols accordingly. We work with organizations of all sizes, frequently moving with them as they grow from start-up to series funding to multi-site campus.

HVAC/Boiler, Reception, Mailroom, Culinary Services, Janitorial Services, Stockroom & Supply Support, Energy Management, Project Management, Finance Support Services, Conference Room Support, Skilled Trades, Building Engineering, CMMS & Work Orders, Shipping & Receiving, Parking Log Services, Landscaping and Grounds
Data Support, Recycling & Waste Mgmt., Tech Support, Security & Monitoring, Life Safety Systems, Medical Services
High Voltage Power Dist., Elevator Maintenance
Lab Consumables Management, Buffer & Media Preparation, Autoclaving/Glass wash, Lab Gas Management, Testing & Certification of BSCs & Fume Hoods, Lab Equip. Alarm Resp. & Monitoring, Biowaste Collection & Mgmt., Vacuum Pump Repair & Replace
Laboratory Startup Checklist

Client Testimonials

“ Your technician has been a wonderful person to work with at Vor. With all of the supply chain issues, he helped to streamline our inventory process. He follows up on back orders to ensure we are well stocked. He has been enthusiastic to learn new processes and regularly trains new hires on everything he has learned. Everyone at Vor knows that he is the go-to person to get something fixed efficiently and without complaint. ”

Kerry Chios, Sr. Director, Lab Operations, Vor Bio

Client Stories

Lab Services for Tier 1 Biotech

If you are in early stage R&D or pre-clinical trials, Flagship is the only lab services partner that can keep pace with your growth while mitigating risk from improperly maintained lab facilities.

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