Francisco Facilities Project Manager Service Spotlight
Francisco Facilities Project Manager Service Spotlight

Service Spotlight on Francisco Solorzano

Categories: Facilities Maintenance


We would like to shine a spotlight on Francisco Solorzano, a Facilities Project Manager at Flagship Facility Services for over 7 years. His background in construction helped him understand the basics as a technician and he has continued to learn and grow his skills over the years and expand his role within Flagship.

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Video Transcript

My name is Francisco Solorzano and I’m a project manager. I’ve been with Flagship it’s roughly seven years. I started here as a technician one, my background was construction I have set a goal to myself I know where I want to be and a lot of work, dedication.

I prefer to have the person who started as a tech one and goes to step two before you know it he’s a project manager like Francisco is. He’s always trying to go that extra yard he always wants to take on the extra challenge and that’s what growth is about. We provide our customers with the most vetted proven talent that we have it’s our product is our people so when we send somebody out it’s nice to know that we just didn’t meet them yesterday we’ve had this person in our organization we’ve provided the growth we know they’re into the ins and outs of this there are personalities and if it’s a good match with our customer.

I get to meet a lot of people I travel I feel at home when I’m here so it makes my job easier so we work as a team.