Fireworks at the MCO Airport
Fireworks at the MCO Airport

Fireworks at the Airport

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Orlando International Airport

According to Airports Council International, Orlando International Airport is the largest in Florida and the 39th busiest airport in the world, serving 45 million passengers per year. The summer months are particularly busy as families look to make the most of time off from school and work.

The summer months are also the rainiest times of the year in Florida—a fact that heightens the need for exemplary facilities services to ensure that the airport runs at peak efficiency – even during the rainy season.

The Challenge

During spring break and summer months, travelers to and from Florida face increased flight delays, longer lines at security and unpredictable weather. May 2018’s rains broke one-hundred-year-old records across the state, with June and July delivering their own record smashing rainfalls.

At Orlando International Airport, this year’s torrential rains caused curbside flooding, leaky roofs, and slippery floors at the Southwest Airlines terminal. Any one of these things can be a disaster on any given travel day in the busy terminal, but when faced with all three, the challenge moves to another level. The danger slick surfaces present to the traveling public was top of mind for both the airline and Flagship’s custodial staff.

The Solution

As part of their planning before the onset of Florida’s rainy season, the Flagship Operations Team made sure proper cautionary signage was on-site and held refresher training in emergency response procedures. When the 4th of July rains occurred, staff reacted quickly, dispatching teams to deploy signage and buckets to capture the water leaks that occurred because of the rain. Flagship also brought in additional staff to make sure the areas that flooded were able to be serviced adequately.

The Outcome

With proper training and proactive planning, Flagship was able to help Orlando International Airport avoid what had the makings of a holiday travel nightmare. Our efforts allowed travelers to reach their desired destinations and helped the airport to maintain operations without any disruption in service.

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