A Day in the Life of an Airport Germ
A Day in the Life of an Airport Germ

A Day in the Life of an Airport Germ

Published January 03, 2019

Categories: Aviation


Meet Gary. Gary is very well-traveled. He has access to every major city in the world and has the option of flying coach or first class — makes him no difference. He travels for free because Gary… is a germ.

Gary’s bags are filled with CFU’s, Colony Forming Units. A CFU is the number of viable bacteria in a certain area that under the right conditions, can multiply and cause the spread of bacteria and viruses… just the kind of stuff Gary loves!

His Journey Starts at the Self Check-in Kiosk

Self Check-in Kiosk: 253,857 CFU/square inch. Almost 1,500 times more than the average household toilet

Next Stop: The Water Fountain

1,240 CFU/square inch at most airports

Even Germs Must Pass Through Security

The highest frequency of respiratory germs are in the security area!

Bathroom Break

40% of airport bathrooms contain drug resistant allergens

At The Gate

Seating area chairs have 105 times more germs than the average bathroom doorknob

Now Boarding

Lavatory Locks: 70 CFU/square inch
Seat Buckle: 230 CFU/square inch
Lavatory Flush Button: 265 CFU/square inch
Overhead Vent: 285 CFU/square inch