A Day in the Life of a Front of the House Team Member
A Day in the Life of a Front of the House Team Member

A Day in the Life of a Front of the House Team Member

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Jessica Moreno tells her story as a Front of House Lead with Flagship. After 4 years, she sill enjoys the family environment and the opportunities to grow her career.

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We work Monday – Friday, have holidays off and full benefits. So, unlike some jobs, you’ll have weekends and holidays to spend with family!

Video Transcript

My name is Jessica Moreno and I’m a Front of the House Lead and I’ve been in the company for almost four years.

What does a typical day working Front of House Include?

My job is to make sure that quality of the food is perfect so we can open to the clients. I check on the team if everybody’s here if everything is running how it’s supposed to.

  • Provide exceptional service to all customers
  • Tend to the front areas of the cafe
  • Inspect dining rooms and serving stations for neatness and cleanliness
  • Keep condiment stations and dish stations fully stocked
  • Expedite food orders and assist kitchen team with food preparation when needed

What is the best part about the Front of House job?

The best part of this job is that you don’t feel like you’re working you feel like you’re with family there’s a lot of opportunities for people looking to move forward to a different level on the culinary team.

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