Soldier Contributions
Soldier Contributions

Honoring Our Veterans

Published April 03, 2018

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Flagship helps launch initiatives focused on Veterans.

Our servicemen and women are among the most respected members of society, bravely placing their lives on the line each day to protect the very freedoms our great nation was founded upon. But while they warrant our respect, they face some of the same challenges of the common man; including finding gainful employment.

Their struggles have been well-documented in years past as many have struggled to assimilate themselves back into civilian life and find job opportunities that align with their skill sets.

“The skills that they acquire through their service are invaluable; there’s no other way to state it. They’re disciplined, focused, driven and would be a complement to any organization, and Flagship continues to make our case to be the one they choose,” says Don Toole, National Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Flagship.

Flagship recognizes the challenges and the respect our soldiers are due. We aggressively seek out qualified applicants with a military background throughout the nation to fill open roles. We are focused on helping them transition back into the civilian workforce; and we appreciate and welcome the great skills our nation’s service members can provide to our business.

“This bridged relationship represents an amazing opportunity for all of the parties involved. We would like to become an employer of choice for Veterans from all branches of our military.”

Honoring Those Who Served

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