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Integrated Facilities Management for Life Science Facilities

Technology and innovation are at the forefront of your business model, and it should be the same for your facilities management services.

Flagship’s customizable solutions for life science facilities will support labs, manufacturing areas, and critical environments. If your organization specializes in pharmaceuticals, research, biotech, medical devices or genomics, Flagship can deliver a consistent facility experience and help you achieve optimum efficiency within a safe, healthy and comfortable facility.


Drive Improvement at Your Facilities

Flagship’s personalized approach integrates people, processes, and technology to give you a holistic view of your facilities, increase visibility into your data, identify cost savings, monitor productivity and improve health and safety. Gain increased control over your facilities with real-time data that can be used to create greater facilities, systems, longevity and efficiency.


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Innovative Platform Technology for Smarter Facilities

Add capability to your facilities processes with Intuition, our flexible, modular platform.

Pivot Faster

With sensor and mobile technology, you can make real-time changes, adapt Scope of Work and react quickly.

Control Costs

Use real-time data on inventory, utilities, activity and usage to create greater facilities, systems, longevity and efficiency.

Stronger Security

Send direct alerts to staff, detect leaks or mechanical issues, monitor inspections and track visitors.

Better User Experience

Mobile user feedback and trend recognition can spot unnoticed use patterns so preventive actions can be taken.


Simple Service Solutions for Complicated Facilities


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There are endless configurations of the ideal Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) program. Flagship gives you the power to choose as narrow or broad a program as you’d like and add or remove services as your needs change.


Have your facilities operations and services handled under one company that is dedicated to making sure you receive the best experience possible.


Integrated Facilities Management

IFM provides customers with an efficient and cost effective solution for any facility challenge, from straightforward tasks like painting a wall to strategic support for your capital planning process.

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Hard Services

Services related to the physical fabric of the building that cannot be removed. These services ensure the safety and welfare of employees. Some of these services include: energy and utility managment, building engineering, HVAC and boiler maintenance, plumbing, etc.

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Soft Services

Services which make the workplace more pleasant or secure to work in. Certain services may not be compulsory and can be added and removed as necessary. Some of these services include: Janitorial Services, Security and Monitoring, Landscaping, Recycling, etc.

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Client Testimonials

“ Rosa cleans the offices at our terminal and each day she does an amazing job. When it comes to our expectations, she never disappoints and continues to set the tone for our workday with her consistent effort ”

Aviation Manager at an International Airport

Client Stories
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Hygiene, Safety and Wellness

Flagship’s industry-leading attention to detail and high standards of performance are a perfect match for the demands of biotechnology and life science industries.

Enhance Your Facility's Process Improvement and Flexibility

Flagship’s IFM for Life Science Facilities Model

Single point of contact

Regulated training

Advanced technology & analytics

Drive efficiency & cost reduction

Consistent results



Pivot Quickly and Adapt

Unprecedented times create new challenges and put added pressure on facilities. The ability to change and be fluid is key.

Evolve quickly, reinvent operations procedures and act fast with adaptable scopes of work to protect the health and safety of the facility environment.

Flagship will help develop a Scope of Work that allow your onsite staff to expand/contract to ensure that service delivery is always appropriate for your stage of operations and help control costs.


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Flagship’s PUREClean™ puts your employees’ health and wellbeing first and helps you get back to the business of business.

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Interconnect Facilities for a Consistent User Experience

If you have more than one facility location, the last thing you want is an inconsistent experience between buildings.

Flagship’s licensed and bonded professionals are experts in incorporating technology that will connect your facilities and create a consistent experience with your facility management and maintenance services.


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Flagship Intuition

Our flexible, modular platform – delivers a 360° real-time view of each facility, its assets, maintenance and operations.

Healthy Environment

Implement a healthy environment to create a feeling of safety

Scope of Work

Customize Scope of Work based on each facilities data



Ensure consistency across maintenance, inspection and inventory operations

Tools and Supplies

Share inventory, tools and supplies to reduce costs


Streamline communications across the network


The Flagship Environment, Health, and Safety Policy

Flagship is committed to our EHS Policy of enabling all work activities to be carried out safely, and with all possible measures taken to remove risks to the health, safety and welfare of everyone, everyday. We continually improve and minimize the risks and hazards of our activities and operations.

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Safety Policy