Biopharma Lab Technicians
Biopharma Lab Technicians

The Insourcing Advantage: How Flagship Transformed Biopharma Operations

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This biopharma organization has established itself as an industry leader by combining the agility of a biotech with the reach and resources of an established pharmaceutical company. With its dedication to innovation and helping those in need, the client has developed and distributed lifesaving therapies for patients worldwide.

The Challenge

The client operates a network of labs across the country, focused on developing advanced medical treatments and therapies. This demands extensive coordination and collaboration from its team. Yet, the client’s progress was limited by inconsistent lab support.

The client required comprehensive assistance in the lab, covering everything from research and staffing to shipping and receiving. It was imperative to bring in additional support without causing any disruption to the science and research workflow.

The Solution

The client turned to Flagship Lab Services to bridge support gaps and help fulfill its goal of transforming patients’ lives through science. Flagship’s top priority was ensuring that research went uninterrupted while integrating new team members and processes. To accommodate the client’s ongoing growth, Flagship implemented an insourcing model.

Flagship created new procedures for compound management and established best practices to organize and maximize the utility of the compound library. The on-site support provided by Flagship was not limited to lab assistance but also extended to facilities maintenance, including equipment moves and installation, meeting room setup and breakdown, and an in-house facility technician.

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The Outcome

By adopting an insourcing model, the client was able to continue expanding without disrupting science and research. Flagship was the ultimate solution for the client, providing all the required services under one roof. Adopting this model also relieved the client from the inconvenience of dealing with multiple vendors.

Additionally, Flagship played a pivotal role in alleviating the extensive strain caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Flagship facilitated on-site testing and assisted in enforcing proper protocols to ensure everyone’s safety and maintain seamless scientific operations.

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