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Flagship’s CMMS Implementation Improves Operations for Luxury Vehicle Brand

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This company has created one of the world’s most recognizable luxury auto brands, synonymous with excellence, innovation, and quality. Flagship Facility Services recently began providing integrated facility maintenance services to the client at its network of facilities across the U.S. Upon arrival, staff immediately sought ways to enhance existing services.

The Challenge

Once the Flagship team began working on-site, it noticed several areas for improvement. Although an established infrastructure capable of supporting a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) existed, its full potential remained untapped.

The client also lacked a comprehensive equipment maintenance program, leaving management in the dark about when and how to service critical pieces of equipment. This impeded its ability to carry out capital planning effectively.

Another concern was the integrity of the client’s asset infrastructure. Over time, assets had been inconsistently tracked, creating confusion about their actual condition and complicating financial and operational decision-making.

The Solution

Flagship determined that implementing a comprehensive CMMS was key to addressing the client’s issues. The team promptly recommended a CMMS strategy and implemented a custom system.

The CMMS solution devised by Flagship gave the client a clear view of its equipment maintenance needs, including schedules for both preventive and corrective maintenance. This added a layer of transparency and precision to inform the client’s 5-year capital plan.

Additionally, Flagship inventoried assets across all the client’s facilities, integrating a robust asset tracking system via the CMMS. This increased asset integrity, improved efficiency, and enabled the client to better manage its workload.

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The Outcome

Flagship spearheaded the implementation of a new CMMS that enhanced the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the client’s facilities. The solution brought clarity to its facilities management program and improved communication established by the previous facility services provider. With this newfound transparency, staff are empowered to make informed decisions regarding resource allocation. The upgraded system allows for more precise asset tracking, giving management a clear view of what’s utilized at each facility.

Implementing this CMMS enables the client to apply metrics and KPIs more effectively in its capital asset management and budgeting processes, reinforcing its leading position in the luxury automotive market. Furthermore, it ensures that critical equipment remains operational, preventing any disruptions in production.

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