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IT Overhaul: How Flagship Rescued a CPA Firm from the Brink of Disaster

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For more than four decades, this Certified Public Accounting (CPA) firm has provided strategic business advice to clients across a variety of industries, including construction, real estate, mortgage banking, and professional services. Built on a foundation of trust, industry knowledge, and innovative practices, the firm specializes in long-term financial planning to expand its clients’ economic growth and security.

The Challenge

When the firm’s longstanding IT contractor suddenly became uncommunicative, the business was left with no support and no knowledge of its IT systems. Not only were the firm’s existing backup systems not functioning correctly, leaving the business vulnerable to data loss, but its server hardware was failing, leading to employee frustration.

The firm also faced cybersecurity challenges, including open Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) ports, non-standardized antivirus solutions, and a lack of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), encryption, and Domain Name System (DNS)-layer security measures. These issues collectively threatened the firm’s operations, data security, and overall productivity, necessitating a complete restructuring of its IT systems.

The Solution

Right away, Flagship evaluated the firm’s business needs and performed a network overhaul, which included replacing the on-premises server and employee workstations to support an increased workload. Flagship also implemented a Remote Desktop Services (RDS) server to provide secure, uninterrupted access to all Line-of-Business (LOB) applications, as well as a multilayered cybersecurity solution.

With the crisis averted, Flagship was able to turn its attention to providing ongoing Managed IT Services. The firm continues to benefit from Flagship’s reliable maintenance, security, and support services, including access to an information vault containing critical network information.

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The Outcome

Flagship’s standardization of IT systems and processes has resulted in streamlined operations and improved scalability. This has translated into uninterrupted service for employees, leading to a significant increase in productivity and, ultimately, cost savings.

Additionally, Flagship has played a crucial role in reducing the firm’s risk. Firstly, by addressing cybersecurity vulnerabilities, it helped the firm qualify for cyber insurance. Secondly, by centralizing network information in a secure vault, it has taken steps to prevent any potential loss of knowledge in the future.

Flagship’s expert IT solutions not only rescued the firm from immediate disaster but also laid the foundation for long-term growth. Through consistent, prompt, and professional service, Flagship ensures the firm’s continued satisfaction and success.

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